HTML Editor Card is Broken

No issues with displaying my work (, but I can’t edit HTML anymore (at least, not effectively) within Chromium browsers. This happened completely randomly on Friday, 1 September 2023. At that point, I hadn’t made any changes to my theme, to my server, or anything underneath. When I open the HTML editor card, it’s all black and only displays a single column of text on the far right side. Nothing else. Same issue in Incognito, Edge, or on another computer. However, no issues in Firefox, so now I have to do all my editing in Firefox. Not much of a pain, but minor.

Of note, this started to occur under 5.24.0; I upgraded to 5.61.3 and it didn’t fix it.

Latest version

  • Self-hosted, Bitnami VM on gcp
  • Node 18.12.1; MySql 5.7.34 (about to upgrade to 8 and do the table collations), Ghost 5.61.3
  • No console output.
  • I honestly have no idea how to re-create it for anyone else.

Check the Network tab in dev tools while refreshing the page. Look for non-successful requests.

Yeah, four missing (all 404’d) .map files from /ghost/assets/

Any idea why that didn’t matter for Firefox?

Those would not be an issue. The map files are only used for debugging.

I’m not sure what’s going on.

Yeah, me either. Definitely weird.