Website-Only Content

Hi, in the ghost editor, if I want to embed HTML content into my article on the webpage, this will not render in the email, leaving an awkward blank space. The Ghost editor has a content block for email-only content, which is great, but is there any way to create website-only content, like HTML embeds, which will appear on the website but not in emails? This would allow emails to look clean and the website post to have all the right stuff.

Any help or input would be appreciated.

v 4.10.1


I have this problem and what I am doing at the moment is sending the post out and then adding the html to the post after it has been sent.

Not ideal but it’s a workaround that works for my use case.

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Thanks for posting this – was unaware of this problem. (I don’t test-send every newsletter, which I probably ought to do.)

Would be good to have Management change the email template to catch HTML blocks and take them out of the rendering flow.


That is a good idea. Tough for us, since we schedule posts to send early morning, but I could just wake up early, do that, and go back to sleep I suppose. Thank you!