HTML not visible on Zapier Trigger


I am trying to build a Zap on Zapier with Ghost Trigger - New Blog Published. I have connected Ghost via Webhooks by Zapier.

Now the output of this trigger is an object, There is an email object inside the main object, and the email object contains a value of HTML. This HTML is perfect and it is a 100% replica of the blog post.

The problem is this HTMl is visible in trigger output only for a few blogs and it does not return for the other blogs. Why is this so? My end goal is I want to send an email that is exactly like a blog post.

Below is the screenshot from Zapier. This HTML output is visible in some blogs post and is missing in the blog post. Please note I am making a custom webhook call, so this should not be the issue with Zapier.

Another issue which i am facing is that for the outputs which has HTML. The HTML is not working for some posts. Check below screenshots.

You can check below screenshots.