Zapier Integration: How to add HTML or Markdown to Publish Trigger?

Hey guys, looking for some help with Zapier integration. I have other zaps that are already set up and working but I’m running into a config issue with my latest Zap: The HTML is not included in the trigger sample. I’m assuming I need to configure this, but I’m not sure how.
Any ideas?

I’m running Ghost 2.26 on a Digital Ocean droplet. The site is at

Ohh, it looks like there’s a bug in our Zapier app when it fetches the latest published post for the sample trigger :frowning: Thanks for the report, I’ll make sure to get that fixed and rolled out!

Thanks Kevin! You’re awesome.

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A new version of the Zapier app (2.0.1) containing a fix for missing html and plaintext fields has been pushed and all users on 2.0.0 have been migrated.

Please let us know if you run into any other issues!