Https in config.url is not working

Hi Everyone,

i have installed the ghost in my cent os servier. I have php applcation and ghost application running in the same machine. So i used apache proxy redirection – php – ghost

IN virtualhost apache i am using the bellow settings

ProxyPass http://localhost/ ProxyPassReverse http://localhost/ ProxyPass ProxyPassReverse

Ghost Settings Production :
“url”: “”,
“server”: {
“port”: 2370,
“host”: “”
“database”: {
“client”: “mysql”,
“connection”: {
“host”: “”,
“user”: “root”,
“password”: “root”,
“database”: “sblog”
“mail”: {
“transport”: “Direct”
“logging”: {
“transports”: [
“paths”: {
“contentPath”: “/var/www/html/blog/content/”
“process”: “systemd”,
“bootstrap-socket”: {
“port”: 8000,
“host”: “localhost”
“ssl”: “true”

The above configuration working fine for me. is working fine. But the canonical URL, OG-Meta all urls are pointing to

If i change the config.url - … then ghost itself not working… it is keep redirecting 301 to same page again and again.

kindly help me

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