I got timeout restrictions for testing SMTP, even after restarting

Hey guys, how’s it going?
I moved from a VPS server to a better one, and I been trying to make SMTP work. As always, it’s being a pain, since each VPS has it’s own peculiarities.

I tried all the ports, SSL, no SSL, TLS, no TLS. But i’m getting timed out because I test the SMTP by signing up with dummie users.

Do you know how can I bypass this so I can test SMTP with no restrictions?
I even tried Gmail with an app password. I removed the spaces from the app passwords, still not working. Is there a delay for the settings to be applied? Do I need to restart Ghost everytime I change the SMTP settings?


I’m not 100% sure about the rate limiting. I /think/ you want to take a look at your-ghost-install/current/core/shared/config/overrides.json and/or defaults.json . Expect to restart ghost after making any changes.

You need to restart Ghost any time you change anything it Ghost’s config file, because it only reads it when it starts up.

What does your Ghost log say when your outbound email fails? That should be diagnostic.

Do you have /any/ email working on the VPS? Some VPS hosts block outbound email by default, so you might need to ask them to unblock for you.

Here’s my working config for Google with app passwords: How to deliver Ghost emails from your local dev setup
My app password doesn’t have spaces - are you sure you have the right thing?