I made webpack / browsersync / bootstrap config'd ghost starter theme


Every time I start a new theme development project, I use Webpack and BrowserSync to help me work faster. BrowserSync reloads a dev URL across all browsers / apps, and Webpack offers a million plugins to process sass / autoprefix, compile ES6, optimize assets, etc. I also use Bootstrap in nearly all my front-end projects. In WP projects, I use the excellent Sage starter theme.

So, rather than duplicate this setup over and over for every new project, I made a quick starter configuration for Webpack 4, BrowserSync 2, and Bootstrap 4, with all fiddly bits sorted. Just npm install and away you go! My theme is forked from the super-helpful Undefined from Curiositry—they set up all the template pages needed for a fully-functional Ghost blog.

Download the starter theme from Github:

…and there’s a live demo available here: