Paste image from clipboard into _markdown_ editor…?


I just upped to 2.x to see if pasting images into markdown would work now. I started using ghost because I wanted to be able to blog the same way as I typically work with markdown in a forum like this or github. Both support markdown and pasting images from clipboard.

My rationale here

This issue was closed with reference to the new Koenig editor. And ok, I can paste images there now, but only as separate blocks, not into the markdown editor. When I try that nothing happens.

I think it makes sense to close this and #6897 in favour of #7429 (the epic issue for the new editor). We can reopen them once the new editor is shipped, if these features don’t make it into the first iteration.

I would like to reopen, but can’t :slight_smile:

Is it easy to hook in to the Koenig markdown editor? Could someone possibly point me to the right resources for this? It seems most others are happy with the block image upload so I’m starting to feel I need to curl up my sleeves if I want this.

I really don’t think it would be that hard to implement it though. I mean, if there’s just some hook to intercept the paste, call an ajax api in ghost to upload the image, use some returned id/url and paste this as an image tag in the markdown editor.

Github has it, this forum has it, Atom and vscode has plugins for it as I pointed out. All work pretty much the same, ajax file uploads here and file creation in the desktop apps.

Or is there any plugin out there that already does it?