If you're not using the default Casper theme, which one are you using and why?

I’m curious what are the favourite themes used by ghost bloggers. If there are bloggers who chose not to use the default Casper, there are usually good reasons to do so.

May I ask why you chose the non-default theme?

I’m using Alto. Casper uses an image-focused layout. My blog is primarily text-focused, with most posts including no images, at all. Alto’s layout makes more sense to me, when post thumbnails aren’t in the mix.


I am using the headline theme. It gives the option to show what important articles I want to share with people on the homepage and the rest goes in the back.
The only con I would say it should have had navigation for all the tags we write about.

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I like headline theme too. However, there’s a problem with it. When viewed on mobile phones, there is no menu to choose the primary navigation topics.

Use Krabi theme by Aspire. Out of the box, it had some features I wanted, and seemed relatively customizable. And, the support has been excellent.

I use a customized version of Headline for my personal blog. I like that it can highlight content from several different categories on the the front page.

In “Settings > Navigation”, I added navigation links to the key categories.