Image Issues in Dawn theme, top and bottom cut off

Hi. I’m a non-developer using the Dawn theme. I’m attempting to upload an image to the “About” page, but regardless of the image, or size, the top and bottom get cut off. And when I upload the image in the Page Editor, everything looks fine, but as soon as I go to “view page”, the top and bottom get cut off. No clue why this is happening. Any help would be amazing. Thanks.

That’s probably a theme-specific issue - different themes crop images to fit particular dimensions. Probably what you want here is to override the CSS to set:
object-fit: contain!important
(I’ll guess it’s set to cover, right now.)

I don’t have Dawn handy, but if it’s the featured image, this should work:

.single-media img {
object-fit: contain!important;

That goes into the code injection box (preferably header), either site wide or on the specific page with the problem.

Thank you so much, Cathy. This seemed to work. Also, Ghost said I should always use a 2 to 1 sized image if taken from Canva, so perhaps that helped also. So 600x300px, or 400x200 etc. Just mentioning in case its relevant for other users. Really appreciate the quick & detailed response!