Images not resized + break MS outlook

Have just fired up Ghost 4.

Seems that feature images don’t get any kind of resizing. This is fine, I can make smaller images BUT often these are still too big for emails if the email clients don’t restrict the size / max width.

Outlook (default windows mail app) is loading the full size image at full width (no restriction) and entirely breaking the email template / making everything super wide and off the size of the screen.

Where might we edit the email template and what css/in-line styles might be needed to limit this width and avoid it breaking?

In google and other clients it seems to be limited in width as expected.

Sorry you ran into this! It’s a known bug in 4.1.0, there’s a fix that will be going out with the next Ghost release. Images in emails will normally be resized to be 600px wide.

Thanks, can I check that this also accounts for FEATURED images, not just ones inserted in-line/as a card?

Ah, no, feature images would be a separate issue. It’s the first report we’ve had of that since newsletters were introduced in beta so it’s not currently tracked anywhere.

Should I/someone add it to that issue tracker or a new one ?