Large images displaying on newsletter

On the Outlook ‘Mail’ app, article images appear in giant version. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this. Is there a fix?

@jsh4 you’ve missed a lot of context which would help :wink:

  • which version of Ghost are you using?
  • are you using image cards or are you adding images via markdown or html cards?
  • are you having issues with uploaded images or external images?
  • are you using a custom storage adapter?
  • is image resizing enabled?
  • do you have any custom config set up for image sizes?
  • if you’re sending content that you created a while back do you know which version of Ghost the content was created in?

The issue should have been fixed in Ghost 3.30.0 for any content created in that version or later as long as image resizing is enabled and available, you’re using image cards, and not using a custom storage adapter.

Hi Kevin!

Here you go:

Version: 3.21.1

I’m adding images using the ‘add image’ button in the body of posts, and also as the header image under ‘Post Settings’. In both cases, images are displaying very large. See below.

I’m not sure about image resizing or custom config…

This is all for content I’m creating in real-time.

Based on your reply, it looks like I need to update to the latest version to fix this.