Images: seeking guidance on uploading images

Image resolution: 4096px width
Image size: 5 MB
Image format: PNG

  • Resolution. After adding the above image to a Ghost(Pro) blog post, as I understood, the image resolution is resized by Ghost to a width of 2000px.
  • Size. Is the image also compressed by Ghost in any way (e.g. to be 150 KB or less)?
  • Format. Is the image also converted by Ghost into the WebP format?

The goal is to have consistency with images so that they all display on the blog posts as WebP images that are not larger than 2000px and 150 KB.

To achieve this consistency, I am looking for guidance in order to better understand what Ghost would do to the image above (4096px, 5 MB, PNG) once the image is added to Ghost(Pro) blog post.