Import and Export Post from Basic MarkDown

A feature to import and export individual post from the Basic MarkDown format could be very helpful and outside ghost admin editing experience.

I personally prefer Bear to collect my thoughts, organize them and down the line, I make posts from them.

Can other people confirm if they would or would not use this feature? And why.

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Hey @pankaj, Does the Markdown card in Ghost not provide you with the type of feature you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

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This is for the copy and paste, though I am looking for support form the Konig Editor. And of course there is cross-posting of the posts on different platform where the export from the Ghost can be used directly.

Direct copy from Ghost Admin and paste does not help for now.

I am suggesting this as an idea to make the post exportable as Markdown. Import is not a big deal as the Konig editor formats the Markdown as per its own formatting of MobileDoc.