Import failed: "Request is larger than the maximum file size the server allows"

I successfully installed Ghost on a DigitalOcean droplet. (Ghost-CLI version: 1.14.1)

But now when importing (an export from WordPress using the Export to Ghost plugin) I get this error:

“Request is larger than the maximum file size the server allows”

I assume this is referring to the images (rather than the JSON) but how do I know for sure, and also what is the maximum size?

NOTE: I get the more useful message in Firefox but in Vivaldi I just get “Server unavailable” in the web console.

Hey @PrinceRupert :wave:
Try uploading just the JSON file via the importer, if this is successful then you can upload the images to the content/images directory :+1:

Thank you. That worked perfectly. :+1:

Still an issue with the non-specific error message in the Vivaldi browser though - don’t know if that applies to other browsers too

How to upload to content/images directory?

Uploading to the images directory can be done by dragging an image directly onto the post, or page, editor :blush: