Importing JSON files: Error Message

Hi - I’m migrating my website from WordPress to Ghost and I’m having trouble with the Universal Import.

My wp_ghost_export file can’t be uploaded via the Universal Import. It doesn’t work as a ZIP or as a file. Maybe because it’s 3.4 GB?

But the JSON file alone gets an error message and it’s just 10.3 MB. It says “Request contains an unknown or unsupported file type.”

What do I do? I’m following the directions to the letter - added the Ghost PlugIn to WP, did everything as directed.

Hey @Hudson_River_Blue :wave:

The unsupported file type can be caused if hidden files are lurking in the ZIP file (like .DS_Store). From the terminal, you can do ls -a to check the contents of the folder.

We also have some tools available to split up your files to make them smaller for import: GitHub - TryGhost/gctools: Command line utilities for working with Ghost content

That was it - I was able to upload the JSON. It’s in.

Although it’s only the JSON - photos aren’t loading. And the Posts need to be manually reformatted…

Still, this is an improvement. Thank you.

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