Importing content doing nothing

Hi all,
I’m trying to import content (posts and images) from an old ghost self hosted (v4) to a fresh install (v5 via docker) on a new VPS and a new domain.

I have followed this guide : How to backup your self-hosted Ghost install - Ghost Developers

  • I have exported the content via the json file
  • I have copied all my images to the new server (on ghost’s volume)
  • I have exported my routes.yaml and redirects.yaml files
  • The old theme is not compatible with ghost v5 so I didn’t exported it

When I try to restore my content via the import content in labs, nothing happen. I have no error message or any logs in my docker logs.
The message “Your import is being processed […]” appears then the ghost server is restarted but the old posts are not there.
I think I’m missing something, can someone help me please :smile: ?

Just a little update. I tried to install Ghost via the official “Ubuntu method” and it works like a charm.

I can’t understand why the Docker installation can’t import properly the json file. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the expertise to provide a solution for the Docker problem. I’ll stick with the “Ubuntu” installation.