Unable to import JSON file from 0.8.0 into 1.0


Following the instructions here:

… which states:
“Import your JSON file
Once Ghost has been reinstalled on your server, you can import your content using the JSON file that you exported earlier. Import your file in the labs screen under settings in Ghost admin.”

Sure enough, in 1.0’s Labs section it indicates:
“Import content
Import posts from another Ghost installation”

When I upload the JSON file, it says:
“Import failed
Detected unsupported file structure.
Please install Ghost 1.0, import the file and then update your blog to Ghost 2.0. Visit https://docs.ghost.org/v1/docs/install or ask for help in our https://forum.ghost.org.”

Obviously I already installed Ghost 1.0 since that is what I’m using to attempt an import, and importing the file is what is causing this error so I can’t import the file. Any suggestions?


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