Improve Multi-language support for JAMstack


I think there is room to improve the multi-language features for JAMstack in Ghost.

It would be nice to be able to set multiple locale per post. Inside each post, we would be able to set all fields related to the post by locale for example : Title - U.S. English, Post Text Card - U. S. English, Title - French, Post Text Card - French and so on. We would be able to select each post locale with a new locale field in the Ghost Content API.

Also, gatsby-plugin-advanced-sitemap could be improved by supporting hreflang in order to help us to create i18n website using Google best practices as previously discussed in my post Ghost & Gatsby for multi-regional and multilingual sites.

Finally, this improvement could be even better by adding a new role inside Ghost, the role “Translator”. A Translator could only edit content in locale enabled fields for their designated language.

I think that improvement to i18n support in Ghost / Ghost API would attract more potential user to the platform.

Is any of theses features planned somewhere in the roadmap?


FYI, It seems that almost every headless CMS on the market provide i18n support with multiple locale. Reference: Headless CMS - Overview. I secretly hope this file can help Ghost staff to make decision on feature gap between Ghost vs competition and to help them prioritise the most important features for headless CMS.

As per the Ghost on the JAMstack blog post, I was full of hope that Ghost developer will try to compete with the most feature rich headless CMS on the market but I must say that I’m worried that this post got no comment on the i18n situation.

I love Ghost and I’m ready to wait if there is will from Ghost staff to improve the i18n over time. I just want to know where Ghost staff stand on i18n. Are you happy with the current situation? Is i18n improvements a priority?