Inserting non-breaking spaces

Hello there,

I am using Windows and Chrome, but unfortunately, I cannot insert non-breaking spaces in all the text fields—I am using the usual combination of Alt + Number or STRG., Shift, and Space. But both ways don’t work. So, I am putting all texts in markdown or HTML blocks to insert “ ”. Now, we have two problems in our French writing:

  1. All colons, question marks, exclamation marks, quotation marks, and semicolon must be used with a non-breaking space. So, it is very time-consuming to put nearly 90% of the text into Markdown.
  2. You can’t use Markdown in headlines, so our results sometimes look like this:

    It would be grammatically wrong to avoid using spacing. And, as a linguistic blog, we just cannot do that.

Please tell me how we can resolve the problem and make our writer’s life easier now :)
Thank you in advance!

Marvin from LanguageTool

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