Install Ghost Google Drive on Self-hosted


How to Install Ghost Google Drive on Ghost self-hosted?


@Fathul have you looked under/at “Integrations” within Ghost?


I was looked it. But, still confusing how install on my self-hosted provider. Any idea? Likes guide or another like that


@Fathul the install instructions are on the page you linked to Which step exactly is it that you are struggling with?


It’s really impossible to help you. It’s like you are in a restaurant while saying: “Feed me, I’m hungry”. You need to be more specific :slight_smile:


Hi Kevin, thanks for your insight. I was installed as you said.

How to test it works for my site? Or, how i did before is correct


Hi Pascal, are you ok?

Please keep your words on mind before you talk. I guess this is learning forum, from beginner - advance. If you do not want to help someone, please keep your “Amazing” mouth. :laughing:


Feel free to be rude.

I was jumping in to tell you that people can’t help you with such a broad question. Peace.


If you try to upload an image through your Ghost admin interface you should see the image saved in and served from your Google Drive.


Hi kevin, the installation error. My website down and this is the error log:

What’s wrong i did? :frowning:

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