Install Ghost via Bash

Is there a way to install Ghost via Bash?

I want to set it up on my shared hosting that I have access to SSH with but it uses bash instead of shell.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do this?
I’m used to installing wordpress which is just downloading and uploading files or using an auto-installer.

Welcome to the Ghost community, @DudeThatsErin.

The official Ghost guide is for use with SSH and BASH (Bourne Again Shell.)

Yeah, that seems to require root. With shared hosting you aren’t provided root privileges.

Is there a way to install this without needing root?

Ghost runs on Node. Are you sure your shared hosting allows that?

I’ll have to ask. If not I’ll have to figure something out

Will a VPS with 1GB of RAM work with Ghost? Would I experience any issues with the domain going down or being slow to load?

1gb should be good! :)

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Then you probably don’t have the correct kind of hosting for running Ghost.

Use a small virtual server that are on offer from Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Linode, and others.