Installation fails on localhost

I’ve tried several times to install GHOST on localhost

I currently have about 2 GB of space left on my PC.
Sure, not a lot, but I thought that would be more than enough to install ghost.
But whenever I start installation it just downloads god knows what and tells me that I dont have enough space anymore to proceed with installation, then it exists and fails.


What did you expect? It’s of little surprise that the installation failed when the PC is this hamstrung on resources.

Furthermore, it would be helpful when starting a thread to provide details of the host OS etc.

I assume you followed the official guide?

yes, I followed that. PC runs on Windows 10.Any my node version is latest recommended 18. something.

I mean, I cant believe ghost needs gigabytes of space just to install ?!?!?

Just checked one of my Ghost installs (just the /ghost folder - ignores that the cli is installed elsewhere) - 700MB. So figure that you need more than that so that you can download various things in zip format and inflate them, and running out of space at 2GB doesn’t shock me. Time to empty the trash and your downloads folder, maybe? That’s my go-to strategy on Windows when I need to free up 10GB on my C: drive for something…
(Thankfully my laptop came with a second drive bay empty, and TB of storage is shockingly cheap these days, so I’m not running out of space on D: any time soon!)

crying cat

It doesn’t, but your system is crippled when it has so little free (non-contiguous) disk space.