Integrate Stripe Coupons Feature


is there a way to integrate stripe coupons via the api?


Hey @daniel1! Stripe coupons are not supported with current Members API.

Hi @naz,
do you know if it would be possible to implement it myself and if so, could you point me in the general direction on where to look?


I think this might be quite a lot of effort to get into Ghost core without proper upfront design. There is no good concept of where this would live at this point.

Some concerns from the top of my head. There are multiple levels you could apply the coupon through Stripe like customers, subscriptions. There is no easy way to get the coupon input from the member perspective atm (e.g. Stripe checkout doesn’t have an official coupon support).

The best way to use coupons right now, is applying them through Stripe dashboard manually.


Hi @naz,

thanks for your reply.
That cleared things up.
I didn’t even know that stripe checkout doesn’t support coupons… :upside_down_face: