Internal linking for product card buttons

Internal links on product cards are getting target="_blank" and rel="noopener noreferrer" added to the <a> tag. How can I avoid this for internal links?

I have a website I’m about to launch and I’ve used product cards to link to pages within the site, like a category grid page (Coach Philip Haywood - Private Site Access). When I create the product card, even if I use a relative URL for the button, it’s converting it to a full URL ( Coach Philip Haywood - Private Site Access ).

On the front-end, at some point in the rendering process, it’s adding the above mentioned attributes and forcing the link to open in a new window.

I’d like it to open in the same window and not add the noopener/noreferrer values to the link.

I don’t mind tweaking the code but I’m having a hard time figuring out where in the process those attributes are being added to the anchor. If someone could point me in the right direction, I could modify the code myself.

p: testcoach

Ghost v5.36.0
Installed on remote server
Node & DB versions unrelated to query
No errors

You can try adding the following in Code Injection Footer:

<script>document.querySelectorAll('.kg-product-card a').forEach(link => { link.setAttribute('target', ''); link.setAttribute('rel','')})</script>

Thanks for the recommendation. I was trying to catch it on server side render and try to avoid a Javascript solution.