Updating of bookmark cards and use for internal pages


I find the bookmark cards visually a very nice and compelling element. I even started using it for linking to other ghost pages because I find it so appealing. Two questions came up though:

  1. Is there a preferred way to link site internal content? So far I just pasted the full URL in the editor as if I would use an external URL.
  2. Is there an update mechanism that can be triggered which fetches and updates the card with the current content of the URL? Obviously content changes over time and it would make sense to reflect that in the bookmark card. So far I have only been able to update it by removing and adding the URL again.


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Did you ever find a solution to refreshing the images/metadata on bookmark cards when the source content changes?

Hi josh,

Unfortunately not.

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Hi guys,

what I did for the past time was actually downloading the .json file containing your content. After doing so, you can open the file in a code editor and search + replace for all the slugs you want to edit.

This approach is time-intense and needs to be done manually. But if you make changes to your site structure or have a list of content you’ve updated, it might make sense.

Thanks @Daniel95 for sharing your approach. I guess though it’s almost as labor intense and time consuming as manually deleting and re-adding the cards.

Would be nice if there was a kind of “refresh” button for the bookmark cards or the whole page. But then I assume chances that this gets implemented as a product feature are not too high.

Totally agree.

Even this forum software (Discourse) has that feature called Rebuild HTML which can refresh the OpenGraph / Onebox data. Only forum admins see it though and it naturally happens behind the scenes in certain cases.


Would be great to have a feature like that. Either something for the individual card, for the whole post, or just automatically happened when the post was edited or republished.