How do YOU use ghost?

Hey there,

Pretty new to ghost and certainly not an experienced publisher by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m just wondering what sort of workflow people use when writing posts?

I usually have a couple of posts on the go at a time. I’ve been using Ulysses on Mac to write and publish posts. I like being able to organise in folders and search etc - as well as being able to easily work on my iPad and iPhone (in a pinch).

But I kinda miss the ‘cards’ in the ghost online editor.

Just wondering how others do it, and why they do what they do?

Looking forward to any responses.


I only use my computer so far to write blog posts in Ghost. It kind of sucks there is no official iOS/android app for managing a ghost blog.

I Recently moved from WP and I just keep sticking to how I wrote posts over there. I usually start with a great headline, summing up the post, then a short intro, followed with a headline. I also have “promised” myself and my readers that I should always have at least one image and one link in each post. The image is preferably inside the content, but if I can’t find a good image, the featured image will do.

I also have merged my blogs I used to run over with WP, and it’s absolutely amazing to have all of them finally at the same place. Now whenever I write a post, no matter language or subject - all of my posts will be crawled and therefore easier to find for other readers. I do this thanks to collections and internal tags. I also self-host, currently on Digital Ocean with the cheapest droplet so I can edit my themes. The collections feel like seperate blogs, thanks to the amazing opportunity of changing out the @site.title and @site.description for meta_title and meta_description. I love it!

The only thing I miss is analytics for page views, since none of my readers have signed up for newsletters yet or paid stuff. Otherwise, Ghost is absolutely amazingsauce.