Native apps from Community. Android and iOS

@John Is there any new movement on the native apps for Ghost. I see a bunch of people really interested in building one as a community.

I understand the lack of resources bit, and all the community probably wants is just an acknowledgment of whether you guys are working on something if not, will we get any kind of support if the community does build the apps.

Let’s make this happen!

We’re not working on anything in this dept atm

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Appreciate the response.

Very much interested in contributing to this and willing to take the lead. Anyone else up for this? Depending on the response, further things can be planned.

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Thanks @Caroloss.

Alright, I am planning to go thru the old GhostAndroid app repo this week to see if we can salvage it in anyway.

Thinking of putting together a draft list of first things to do later in the week.

GitHub - roadrage312/ghostly have started a repo here with basic setup. Will work on a plan and prepare a Readme so anyone interested can start contributing.

Looks like the old repo isn’t salvageable after all :frowning:

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Happy to update that the first version of the Android app is ready to use. Be sure to checkout the repo and build the app for your use. ReadMe doc is a great place to start.

Now seeking contributions and feature requests for the app.

@Caroloss Would be glad if you are still interested in contributing.

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