IPFS (Filebase, Pinata, Fleek, Web3) storage adapter for Ghost

Integrate decentralized image storage into Ghost using IPFS (Filebase, Pinata, Fleek, Web3) - deployed using a custom storage adapter.

When you add a image to IPFS, your image is split into smaller chunks, cryptographically hashed, and given a unique fingerprint called a content identifier (CID). This CID acts as a permanent record of your file as it exists at that point in time.

  • Full IPFS storage adapter

By default, Ghost stores any images uploaded to Ghost Admin locally to its filesystem, and delivers them via the same Ghost front-end service which delivers Ghost themes. It’s possible to replace this layer entirely using a custom storage adapter.

:point_right: Ghost-IPFS is an open source and widely tested storage adapter for IPFS (Filebase, Pinata, Fleek, Web3) with a comprehensive setup guide.

A custom storage adapter allows Ghost to upload and serve images directly to/from external services like Filebase, Pinata, Fleek, Web3. Once you have deployed your storage adapter, you can use the Filebase, Pinata, Fleek, Web3 media library interface to manage the images and assets on your Ghost site.

+1 Lighthouse :vulcan_salute:t5:

Configuration Ghost + Lighthouse

Variable Type Description Required
token string Lghthouse Storage API Token yes
  // ...
  "storage": {
    "active": "ghost-ipfs",
    "ghost-ipfs": {
      "defaultStorage": "lighthouse",
      "lighthouse": {
        "token": "LIGHTHOUSE_TOKEN"
  // ...