Intelligent and Dynamic Calls to Action in Posts: Outpost

Outpost, a set of power tools for Ghost sites, just released a new version of its in-post CTAs. These allow you to show different messages and actions to different levels of readers automatically (unknown, free, monthly, annual, complimentary).

With the latest version you have control over the text and can choose the action per level, and those changes are dynamic - so that the CTAs in your older posts update as well.

Our announcement post on the Intelligent CTAs.

Please offer monthly, Quarterly or a free trial for you higher tiers so we can test these features without the fear of losing alot if it doesn’t work how we would like.

Also, is everything still sent through mailgun or no? If its sent through mailgun why do you charge more based on number of members. I have 11K members so its scary thoughts.


We don’t offer a free trial on our higher tiers currently because it’s quite a bit of manual work to set up the site on those tiers. We have to edit your theme to make that happen, which requires you to download and upload your theme, then we modify it for you.

We think there are ways to streamline that but it’s going to take a little time to do that.

The biggest bang comes from the auto responder and the tip jar, which are fully featured on the free trial of Space Station plan. And the price difference between the two isn’t super high.

I appreciate the feedback and we would really love to give people a free trial of the most full featured plans.

As for mailgun, yes we use mailgun but not your account or Ghost Pro’s.

We’re going to be adjusting our prices downward very soon, so I would say test out Space Station for 3 weeks, and then we can figure out a price that works for you given the performance.



I just found your free trial there for the lower tiers and checking it out now. Question, is it dependent on labels for the auto responder? Because I see it created free vs paid labels for existing members but it doesn’t appear to create them for new members after the api is set up with outposts. I like what I see so far.

Will have many more questions as I tinker with it. But if it’s dependent on creating labels I may need help already as it doesn’t appear to create Free or Paid labels for new members, free or paid but did label existing members that way.

Hey @rsingel , outpost user here. Can you please explain these few question that need clarity and can’t find in the docs.

  1. #MarketingOptOut label
    This appears to be the label added to paying members so the system knows to remove them from upsell drips. My concern is that I noticed that label is not added to those who have signed up for a paid plan but have not completed their free trial yet. Because of this concern I’ve been adding that label to everyone on a free trial cause I don’t want them to get upsells during their 1 month free trial when they have already signed up for a paid plan and I am afraid they are as it appears the system doesn’t add that label till their account is actually charged.

  2. In the email flow (Not Auto Responder), why function does the “Exclude Auto Responder *Free & *Paid” serve? I am so confused on how that setting works? Does it mean “don’t send this email flow to anyone who has received a welcome email from the auto responder”. I can’t think of anything else it could mean.

3.Email Flow Again (Not Auto Responder). I believe these work completely independent of each other or am I wrong and it’s one or the other and having both on is causing issues?

  1. Email Flow Again (Not Auto Responder) If I choose to include for Free or Paid + a Label, lets just say I have it set as send to free members and include label A. To me I would thing that email would only send to members who are both Free + Label A and will not send to members who are free if they don’t also have Label A. What makes me think this is the exclude label setting.

Meaning If a member has a Free Plan and have both Labels A & Labels B and I select send the email to free members who have Label A but exclude Label B , means the email would send to all free members with Label A so long as they do not also have label B.

If this is not how email flow works, would be cool if it did. But please make more docs on this part of out post as I see it as the most powerful tool for Ghost members, just need better understanding.

  1. How does update payment info work and is there a way to trigger emails for expired cards or do we just need to let Stripe emails handle that.

  2. Will the #marketingOptOut label prevent offers from sending to those who cancel?

  3. Do each email sub-sections work completely independent and their own email sequence flow it appears since each subsections can have multiple actions?

Thanks for your project, I love it so far

Hey there @The_Jetsetter_Cheap, happy to answer questions and I will briefly do that here, but I don’t want to have Ghost’s forum become Outpost’s support forum. That will just muddy things for users, especially people searching for things.

I will send you a longer email separately.

  1. The MarketingOptOut serves two purposes, one, it removes people from marketing flows in Outpost and two, you can use it if you are sending promotion emails from Ghost. Currently free trial users do not get the free user flow in outpost, so not having it there won’t affect what we do, but the lack of them on free trial members could affect your own marketing efforts. We’ll look into this.

  2. Email flow section is very beta right now. And yes, that setting lets you send a different flow to some set of users and exclude them from the default flows for paid/free. More clarity on that cøming soon.

  3. They are complimentary. Email flow is meant to give you some logic gates.

  4. Stripe handles payment updates currently, but we’re adding something additional very soon to handle people whose payment methods have expired or whose payment failed for some reason.

  5. Yes, marketingoptout stops things that are offers, but doesn’t stop informational emails (e.g. you are about to be billed again).

  6. Yes each subsection works independently

Glad you love it! It’s fun to build even as things get complex.

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