Is it possible to have a page "collect" other pages instead of posts?

I’m still in the “unconscious incompetence” stage of this journey, so I apologize if this question is complete nonsense :sweat_smile:

I want to create a sub-directory website with a tiered structure like this:

Main directory page (static)
___Sub-directory page 1 (static)
______Sub-directory page 1a (dynamic)
__________Post 1a(i)
__________Post 1a(ii)
______Sub-directory page 1b (dynamic)
__________Post 1b(i)
__________Post 1b(ii)
___Sub-directory page 2 (static)
______Sub-directory page 2a (dynamic)
__________Post 2a(i)
__________Post 2a(ii)

The main directory page should display cards for the sub-directory pages in the tier below it (1 & 2). Similarly, sub-directory page 1 should also display cards for the pages in the next tier (1a & 2a). Finally, the bottom tier should display all posts at that directory location.

I selected a theme with beautiful templates that would be perfect for this. The problem is that the templates are designed to fetch posts instead of pages. So in the example above, I think I can create the dynamic pages by setting up my routes.yaml with the appropriate channels. However, the static pages are a different story.

For a visual of what I’m trying to do:

(In this image, the “resources” listed are post cards that link to posts. I want them to be “page cards” that link to the directory pages for the next tier).

Does anyone know if this is possible??

One alternative solution might be to have posts redirect to directory pages wherever necessary, but I’m not sure if this is possible either (or desirable). A similar solution would be to use button links to navigate to the next tier, but this makes the user experience far less cohesive in my opinion.

If anybody has any insights into this problem it would be greatly appreciated!!