Is it possible to integrate Isso comments on a hosted site without server access?

My host set up my Ghost installation for me but I have limited access to the backend.

Isso comments integration requires running a terminal command or two, which I can’t do. Do I have any other options?

No. I have isso set-up on my hosted Ghost site - either you or your host will have to perform the installation and set-up.

Why don’t you have access to your server?

Just the nature of my hosting plan. I wonder if the hosting that Ghost themselves provide give server access.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I see. I doubt the Ghost Pro plan would give you terminal access, due to all of the security implications, but they would probably integrate Isso for you (they seem great at support). Worth asking @Kevin - or reaching out to them here:

Purely out of interest - how much are you providing your host provider at the moment? Hosting Ghost takes ~$5 a month if you can set-it up yourself.

Do you perhaps just need some help to get it up and running on your own server?

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

I initially signed up with my current host because they also hosted my Nextcloud instance and it was convenient to have everything in one place, but I’ve since moved to a self-hosted Nextcloud I’m also considering hosting the site myself, as you suggested.

Let me know if you need any help :+1:


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