Is it possible to publish Mailchimp archives on Ghost?

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I’d like to run my newsletter-first website on Ghost and send the newsletters via Mailchimp. I don’t know yet if it’s possible to publish the Mailchimp archives on Ghost, only accessible for the members.

Does anyone have any feedback on that ?

Thanks a lot

Check out the official integration Mailchimp

Hi @inoryum, thanks for your answer. I’ve been there but I might have missed something because I can’t find what i’m looking for.

I saw that it’s possible to synch members, to embed an email subscription form and to embed it on a Ghost site. I saw that it’s also possible to setup an RSS to Email campaign.

However, I can’t find information on wether or not it’s possible to publish / embed / share Mailchimp campaigns in Ghost. It would be great if it could look like the the “archive” or “blog” page of this Ubud theme for example : Ubud

Thanks !

I dont think listing MailChimp campaigns in ghost as archive is an easy thing to implement

@inoryum … I’m afraid you’re right… I’m going to have to work on this. Thanks!

You are welcome…

I actually wrote some custom python code to do this for my own newsletter when leaving Mailchimp. It basically pulls posts from Mailchimp via API and dumps them into a json file that Ghost imports via the standard import button. It’s janky as heck, but it worked for me. Happy to share (with no ability to offer support) if you’re comfortable with python.

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Wow @ppittman ! Thanks a lot, it’s really nice of you. I would love to take a look at your custom code. Is it possible for you to share it via private message on the forum ?
Thanks a lot.

Yep, DMd you!

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