Is Mailgun's Flex actually gone? No,

I hesitate to write this, because there have been so many reports of the Mailgun Flex plan being gone that weren’t true.

But today, I tried it again.
First, although there was language about a free trial, it immediately charged my card. OK, well, maybe I missed a button or something.
But then, when I tried to downgrade it, it took me to a page with plans that did NOT include the Flex plan. (That’s different than a year ago, when you could choose to downgrade and actually get the Flex plan.)
So then I tried to cancel, so that I’d only be out $13 once instead of $15/month for this experiment. It again offered me a downgrade to Flex option ($1 per 1000 emails was specifically mentioned), but that link again took me to the page with no option to choose flex.

Maybe Mailgun’s just done some overhauling and this is a temporary hiccup?

I currently have a Flex plan account, and it’s still showing first 1k email free, like it always has (and hasn’t billed me anything), but it’s not clear to me today that there’s still a way to get to the Flex plan if you don’t already have it.

So… has anyone done so in the last month or three? I know it worked last year…

Screenshots of what’s currently happening are here: (last third of the post) Where to host your Ghost site?

OK. Update time. I tried it again today, and I was able to downgrade. No idea why it wasn’t working three days ago!

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Hy Cathy

On the registration screen, through the price button, a Free plan appears. Limited to 100 emails per day. No credit card was requested. I will test for 30 days and report the results (If you want).

Maybe Mailgun is transitioning more toward Mailjet for flexible service offerings (since Sinch owns both companies)…

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There isn’t anything difficult about it. Just unsubscribe from your paid plan.

That was true six months ago. When I tried it this week, unsubscribing did not seem to result in the flex plan.

Update: ok so I tried it again with a new account and had no trouble getting downgraded to flex. No idea what the problem was earlier this week!


Thanks for checking this out and clarifying matters.

(Laughing) I tried really hard before posting to get downgraded, because people have reported problems before that weren’t there… and then mine wasn’t there either. Baffled.

I had no problem with downgrading; I just did it for fun, sure. When you download, it states Flex, then the plan actually starts on the next billing cycle. I spoke to customer service, and they said there are no issues as of our conversation on Friday. Our account is 24 months old.

Yes, it seems to be working fine now! I’m not sure why I couldn’t get it to work when I first posted!!