Is there a tool for checking hbs performance?

Hi all,

I’ve never been totally happy with how the related posts block works. The problem is that rare and specific tags don’t rise to the top.

So I wrote a partial that does that, but I’m worried it’ll maybe be too slow. Is there a recommended way to check query speed, beyond deploying with a huge data set and then checking load times?

I guess I could run one of Chrome’s performance tools and see if there’s a measurable difference, after loading a bunch of junk content?


The main bottleneck here will be complex get helper(s) that fetch/query a large number of posts, tags, and authors.

When running the theme locally using ghost run -D, any slow get helper queries will be logged to the console.

Yeah, I don’t get a warning (at least for this number of posts, but was hoping for something a little less binary. I guess I’ll load up a ton of content and see if it breaks! :)

I know that Ghost(Pro) uses Varnish for caching, but I’m sure if it would help this case or not. You might test the performance on Ghost(Pro) vs self-hosted.