Is there any way to upload markdown files directly saved on markdown editor in PC to Ghost Editor?

I want to upload the .md markdown files directly to the ghost editor and publish it.

I use markdown editor on my pc to enjoy writing and would prefer if I could directly upload the formatted markdown file.

Is there any way to do it?

Thank you

I tried saving my .md files as HTML then directly embedding as HTML. Working as of now.

Is this what the community suggest or is there any better way.

Thank you!

Hey have you checked out Ulysses? It’s a markdown writing app that let’s you publish directly to a Ghost site. It could give you that writing experience you want while still being able to use Ghost:

@DavidDarnes Thank you for reply.

Is there any windows markdown app which can help me publish directly to ghost?

Check out iA Writer. It’s available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android :slightly_smiling_face:

In a post a few days ago I was asking something similar, and was hoping to use vim for submitting posts to Ghost…

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David has given solutions for Mac and Windows both. Hope it gets job done for you.

I have upgraded to the new editor recently and had problems finding out how to use plain markdown too. You can add a markdown area to a new post and either write your markdown in that or copy/paste from markdown editor. Not as smooth as it used to be in the old v1 editor! :frowning:

You can use plain markdown right inside the editor @seankearon! The Ghost editor formats markdown syntax to give you a live preview of your content. Here’s a demo gif:

Hi David

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I know it does that. But, I can’t access the plain markdown after the editor has formatted it. The only way I can see of doing that is to work inside a markdown section.

All the best