Is there a way to edit the cancel process to ask why they are cancellling?

When a customer cancels right now, I would love to get a notification and I’d also love to be able to ask them why they are cancelling. It’s pretty important info for trying to improve.

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I could be blind but I haven’t seen any other discussion on this topic.

If, this would be a nice to have.

I don’t know if this is possible with the current way emails are dealt with in Ghost (via Mailgun). but a unsubscribe form would be much appreciated.

Absolutely should be part of the Mailgun service.

I use an automation on Zapier to send me an email when a member is updated in Ghost. However, it’s fairly limited, and doesn’t always show what exactly was updated. So having something come from Mailgun would be better.

I found a solution and so far it’s working really well:
It doesn’t have a ghost integration, but does have a manual one which is working for me now.

(and…talked to support and they did say they’re going to have a ghost integration ready in a couple of weeks!)