How can a member cancel their account?

I just found this

I have two questions:

  • Is that still the case? the post is from Nov19 so I suppose that feature is a priority and if it is not ready, it should be close, but I cannot find any other post on the topic.
  • If the previous answer is no, is this because there is a known work around using webhooks, zapier and /or other tools or systems to make this happen?

At the end what you need is a button for the user to request cancel their account, using their email and a confirmation link on the email to do that (kind of the same way they signed up).


There’s documentation for allowing members to cancel their subscriptions here: :relaxed:

I knew it had to be something!
I now feel bad for spending hours looking for an external solution when the solution was just there on the docs! I will need to read it completely! :smiley:
Thank you very much!

I will read it and lets see how can I make that work with the emails and the themes.

Thanks again!