Is there an easy way to create staging environment on Ghost?

Hey everyone!

I’m quite new to Ghost by would like to make it my #1 solution for blogging.
Previously I’ve worked on WordPress where we’ve (company) used a staging environment to first roll out any changes and then deploy it to production.

I wanted to ask whether there’s a simple way to do that on Ghost.
And if there’s no easy one, is there any way to do that?


Welcome here, JKL :nerd_face:

Simple is such a relative concept. Can you please share more details about your typical or preferred development environment?

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Yea, you’re right. By “simple” I mean the easiest way from a non-technical person’s viewpoint.
I’m currently using Ghost Pro (Standard) and would love a solution to test the theme changes without having to upload a new version of the theme over and over again.

I searched high and low, and could not be happier with Fast Comet for its simplicity. Here is a writeup on my experience (in short, dirt cheap, dead simple, blazing fast servers, cPanel, web-based File Manager, and very responsive tech support):

Thanks a lot! It seems like a good place to start (and maybe end).