Ghost Project to my staging server

I am using the local install ghost test project with node.js,I want to transfer or put my ghost local project in our staging server and work properly if I access my domain how to do it?

Hi @kimbookjo! Best way to do this is to setup a fresh install of Ghost on the staging server and transfer the content and theme over to it. That way you can be sure the installation is set up correctly :slight_smile:

what I did is the whole ghost project I copied it in staging server but when I access it not working it will just show the project directory like this,

is there a way like Wordpress when I get all the project folder from local then change details in config.json then access it from staging server and will work like that? Thank you for you reply :slight_smile:

Hello :smile: @kimbookjo

I think the best way to install is to follow the steps in the documentation.

If you are installing on your server with CPANEL

This article can help you

Good luck :smile:

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hello I already installed ghost project to my staging server, added content and theme but this is what it looks like

But did you install a fresh production ready version like I suggested?