.json file from ghost 1 to ghost 2.... HELP!

I try to put my blog from WP to ghost through a docker solution.

So i exported my WP datas to a .json file only compatible with the 1.0 version of ghost. It’s running ok.
If I export again this .json to load it in a ghost 2.0 container of ghost, my posts are ok but pictures don’t load.
It seems that in the.json of ghost 1 they are loaded like this:
–>! [description](/directoryofgho/IMG_20190108_222909-300x281. jpg)

but in the .json file of a ghost 2 it’s more like tis:
<img src="https://casper.ghost.org/v1.0.0/images/walking.jpg#full\" alt="walking">

Do you have a script to update the .json file please? or a solution to use ghost for my all blog.

Looks like this report is related:

Hi @px_baudoux! The fix for the issue @Kate mentioned will go out with the release tomorrow (probably 2.14.1) could you please test once again once it’s out and see if image URLs are relative in your export .json files? Cheers!

2.14.1 was released.

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