✨ Koenig Editor - Beta Release

Ghost 1.25.0 has been released and includes word count display, keyboard shortcuts, and a number of bug fixes for Koenig.

:warning: Breaking changes, please read:

  • The HTML output of Koenig beta posts has changed
  • Themes will require updates to be compatible!
  • See the themes changelog for specific changes in this version if your theme is already Koenig compatible
  • See the Ghost 2.0 Theme Compatibility forum topic if your theme is not yet Koenig compatible

Keyboard shortcuts in Koenig are as follows:

  • Ctrl+Alt+1 - Toggle heading level 1
  • Ctrl+Alt+2 - Toggle heading level 2
  • Ctrl+Alt+3 - Toggle heading level 3
  • Ctrl+Alt+4 - Toggle heading level 4
  • Ctrl+Alt+5 - Toggle heading level 5
  • Ctrl+Alt+6 - Toggle heading level 6
  • Ctrl/Cmd+H - Cycle through heading levels 2-6
  • Ctrl+Q - Toggle blockquote
  • Ctrl+L - Toggle unordered list
  • Ctrl/Cmd+K - Toggle link
  • Ctrl/Cmd+B - Toggle bold
  • Ctrl/Cmd+I - Toggle italic
  • Ctrl/Cmd+U - Toggle underline
  • Ctrl+Alt+U - Toggle strikethrough
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+K - Toggle code
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Enter - Enter/exit “edit” mode of a card when it’s selected and has an edit mode (ie. markdown, html, and code cards)
  • Shift+Enter - Insert a <br> or “soft break” to break a line without creating a new paragraph

As always, please report any issues you run into, we’re getting close to Ghost 2.0 where Koenig will replace the current editor. We want to make sure all major issues are found and fixed before then ;-)

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