Landscape vs. portrait images scaling

Hi - I have “landscape” mode images that I can rescale to get them to fit into the body of the text. I’ve been experimenting with 1080x400. They don’t look great. They sort of get squished and not quite right, but I can deal with that. Ghost seems to honor the 400px height when I rescale a landscape image, but in “portrait” mode, the 400px in the scaled images aren’t honored. Let’s say I have an 800x600 image & I rescale it to 500x400 (or whatever it might be). When I load it up into Ghost, the image isn’t scaled down. It loads with its original dimensions. As an aside, this happens in galleries, too. Portrait mode scales aren’t honored.

I’ve tried the obvious things. Making sure I cam scaling the proper image. Making sure I am loading the “properly” scaled image. Even trying to use HTML to insert the file from my local machine (I am just running the local version of Ghost), but that doesn’t work, either.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks a lot

  • What version of Ghost are you using? 2.22
  • What configuration? localhost
  • What browser? safari, chrome, firefox (so it doesn’t seem to be a browser issue).

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