🔥 Learn - Premium LMS Theme for Ghost CMS

First Premium LMS Theme For Ghost!!!

Learn – Premium LMS Theme for Ghost CMS is ideal for any educational or learning website. We used Tailwind CSS Framework. It has free and premium course options with lots of unique features.


Theme Special Pages

Whats includes there…

  • Automatic Dropdown Menu From Ghost Navigation
  • Free and Premium Course System by Ghost Membership
  • Free and Premium Lesson System by Ghost Membership
  • 1 Click Lesson Purchase by Ghost Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Ghost Native Search Feature
  • Ghost Native Comment Feature
  • Table of Content for Blog
  • Ghost Accent Color Support
  • Customize the color from Ghost Admin Panel
  • Author Activity Chart
  • Secondary Navigation For Footer
  • Make your own LMS site with Zero Coding.

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Feature Spapshot

Course , Lesson & Blog Post Support


Customizable Settings

Automatic Dropdown Menu Support ( No need any Code )


Dyanimic Stats Counter

Enroll from Course Page

Monthly & Yearly Subscription Systems

Activity Graph

Table of Content For Blog

Multiple Topics


Very interesting theme. I think you need some more details on your demo site, including screen shots of course creation, quiz and test grading, transcripts, and so on.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great Product and Phenomenal Support. I have been very impressed with this so far. I was using Podia , learn worlds, etc, this allows me to use the look and feel of Ghost with scalability but flexibility of courses.

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This looks great. I see the activity log, which appears to be for webmaster. Is there a progress log so students can see how far they’ve progressed through a course (e.g., lessons they’ve completed)?

Currently that feature is not available

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Great work! Cheers! This was something that wasn’t in ghost & a lot of users have asked for it.

Update :
[NEW] Homepage Version ( v3 ) added Example : https://learn.gthememarket.com/home-v3/
[NEW] Micro Course Layout added without individual Lesson Pages.
[FIX] Minor bug / issues

Nice idea and a very nice theme as well, I think the Ghost ecosystem needed this.

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Thanks for your appreciation…

hi guys really nice theme. I agree with everyone. Few questions.
How much we can personalise it? Background Colours, just for an example?
Is there also a change to personalise the block order in home page? for example if I want Latest blog before Latest Courses?
Are you guys planning a % of course completed features? or it is impossible with Ghost structure?

Thank you

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We are looking for the same. It’s a must in every LMS.