LMS theme for Ghost

I wonder if anyone has created (or is creating) a LMS theme for Ghost. As I am publishing a course, it would be extremely helpful to have something like this

Link to a Dropbox video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/27i4top31ioz3j8/me-salva.mov?dl=0

Happy new year!

Hello @Bruno_Silva,

Yes, it’s possible, but you would have to create many of the functionalities, I would create micro services to work in parallel with your Ghost, it can run in a serveless instance where you check the user access or process in the classes.
I believe it will take some time to adapte Ghost to your needs, if you create a LMS layout to use a most possible Ghost scenario, probably it would be a better way to go in case you want to use Ghost.
I’m creating a kind of LMS in Ghost too, so using the subscription, hidden content and users management out of the box features is making more sense to achieve a LMS.


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hey rafael - do you have any resources to this? I am trying to do the same and keep being stuck if i want to do with wordpress or ghost :confused: (i’ve done wordpress for years but uh it’s so clunky and really want something lightweight to build on)

Hey @rafael

yes that’s what I was thinking - even though one can adapt Ghost to look like an LMS (which is already in itself a pretty complex front end task), I still miss some functionalities like selling courses per module, marking viewed content (so the viewer knows where he stopped) and accepting payments in Brazilian reais. I believe these would be useful for other creators too. Basically, having an LMS theme + those features would allow any creator to sell their courses on Ghost as easy as they can on Teachable for example, but in a neater and more elegant way.