Learning Management features?

I was wondering if anyone had found a way to embed quizzes in Ghost posts. I’d like to quiz people in order to aid in retention of material as they read through a post. And I’d like also to have some feedback to the site members of the grades they have got in their quizzes as well as having a grade book available to site admins and/or authors and possibly to issue certificates with grades. Any thoughts on how this could be accomplished?

Hi @JamieP - are you familiar with H5P.org? It allows you to create interactive learning resources that are embeddable on your website, and you can provide immediate feedback. However, completion would not be captured unless you could integrate with a gradebook. Another option could be to use Microsoft Forms, which has a Quiz tool that captures results in a spreadsheet - however this is not connected to your Ghost members.

Perhaps the Ghost team could look at an integration with H5P, where a member could be signed in, complete an interaction, and have that completion captured against their membership page. Those without membership could do it also, but not have their progress captured - as such, capturing the completed activity could be an incentive to become a member. Airtable could possibly be used a gradebook.

Accredible, OpenBadges, Credly, Badger are all badge/certificate issuing services and I see some of those have Zapier connections. Again, a Ghost dev could perhaps look at integrating these so members could be issued with badges, after meeting a particular critieria.

My day job is managing LMS, hence why your post caught my eye! I have been playing with ways to use the membership function to deliver an online program, and am interested in similar functionality. It may be worthwhile to combine thoughts and post feature requests to the team for consideration.

Hi @kater,

Yeah, I’ve been considering using h5p.

Thanks for your roundup of what it might take to get Ghost to do what I want. I’m still considering what platforms to use for a couple of upcoming projects.

I’m actually a Moodle developer, but looking around to see what else is available these days. I really like Ghost’s beautiful interface and what look like great features for content publication.