Leaving a draft post is a scary user experience

I’ve finished tomorrow’s newsletter. Plan to give it one more read in the morning before sending. It’s open now in my browser. I went to hit the button to take me back to the Posts page and I get an Are you sure you want to leave this page? message. Fair enough.

Then it tells me to save before I go.

But the page is saved… right? Perhaps that needs to be reworded?

I think that’s a bug. It used to happen with the Mobiledoc editor, was fixed, but seems to be occurring again with the new Lexical editor.


happening to me too from time to time. I’m quite sure it is a bug

Hi @BillBennett - I haven’t been able to replicate this at my end. Can you give me any more information about your set up (Ghost version etc), and any steps to reproduce?


Perhaps Bill has experienced differently, but while this was consistently occurring for me for a couple of weeks or so after Lexical was generally released, I haven’t experienced it once in the past couple of weeks or so. Seems to have mysteriously disappeared, for me at least.

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There was a bug in earlier versions that would cause this issue when using relative URLs in content but that was fixed quite a while ago.

If you’re on the most recent version and see the popup please let us know. Also, if you’re on Ghost(Pro) and see the issue please contact support@ghost.org as we’ll be able to perform some deeper analysis to find the source of the issue.

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I am on Ghost Pro. I’ve only seen this once or twice.

Ghost Pro. I’ve only seen it this one time although I may have seen it before and it didn’t register with me. I haven’t seen it since and can’t reproduce it - which is the worst kind of bug

Have sent a message to Ghost Pro support.

It happened to me just now. I tried adding a space to the end of a paragraph and I saw the word “saving” blip on the screen, but it still gives me that message when I click “Posts.” Someone said they thought it might be caused by unsaved metadata so I added a space in the excerpt. clicked out of the field, same thing. I know everything probably is really saved but it is scary and it happens to me frequently. There should be a save or update button to get around this.

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