BUG - Internal Server Error

I think I found a bug in saving a post.

If I try to insert the string you see in the screen, and try to save, I encounter error 500.

Lately I’ve been experiencing another problem in saving posts.
After saving I try to close the page, but keep telling me to save before leaving. If I close the page and open the post online, the changes are all correct, but if I return to the edit of the post, the last line is always cut.

@giacomosilli which version of Ghost are you running? There are a number of deprecated versions due to issues like this, if you’re not on 2.37.0 then I suggest you upgrade.

I’ve tested 2.37.0 with the text that’s shown in your example and there is no internal server error.

I just saw the release note. Thanks I hadn’t read the updates yet.

2.36.0 is deprecated because of this bug, please upgrade :slight_smile: