Link is not being received to reset my password on my account

I am currently trying to reset my password on this ghost blog account as an admin:

My email is that’s being used there. Would like to change the email and password but the link to reset doesn’t pop up. Would greatly appreciate any help.

Enter your email address in the email field and then click the “Forgot?” link in the password field. You should then get a link to reset your password, if the email configuration is set up correctly :)

Thank you so much for a response!

However, when I click “Forgot?”, the link doesn’t generate to my inbox at all, I am not sure why that’s happening, is there a way that I can get a verification link sent to the account in which my email is setup another way instead of clicking “Forgot?”?

As shown, it says to check my email for further instructions, but nothing pops up in my email inbox.

How/where are you hosting your Ghost site?

If you’re self-hosting, how did you set up your email configuration?

Here is the website:

I got access from one of my teammates via a link to set it up as an admin.

Alright, my guess is that the issue is somewhere in the email configuration.

Without knowing how your Ghost site is hosted, we won’t be able to help you, unfortunately.

Generally, there are two options: either your site is hosted with a managed hosting provider (Ghost(Pro), Digitalpress, Magic Pages, Midnight, etc.). In that case, you should reach out to your hoster to troubleshoot this, since they have direct access to your site.

The other option is to selfhost Ghost on your own server. In that case, there are configuration files stored on the server, which will tell you more about how emails were set up: Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

If you got access through a team member, I’d suggest reaching out to them, to figure out how it was set up and how you can get access to the configuration files.