Tip: Drag+drop photo vs image command

UPDATE: Well I just realized through trial and error that you actually CAN drag+drop a photo into the body of a story. I was afraid to try it because sometimes (on some sites) that takes you to a new tab and you lose your work. But, in fact, this does seem to work! Ghost for the win!

I guess that means the /image menu command is kind of redundant, as long as you know you can drag+drop.


Original question: Leaving this here in case others have this question. Or great Ghost tips.

Hi! Just curious if I’m missing something. I love how, when I do a “product” insert (example), I can type /product - and then simply drag+drop a photo into the interface immediately. Ditto with /gallery.

When I do /image, however, it pops up the window to select the file from the menu interface, which is just an extra step I don’t need.

I know that, for the top / featured image - I can just drag+drop into that area - and voila.

Is there a way to drag+drop a single image and just skip the menu interface? It’s a tiny thing but I’m all about efficiency and shortcuts. Thanks! :)


Coda: As per my note on top, since the answer is YES - I do wonder if there’s some streamlining possible here - to remove the popup menu window - and let us drag/drop? Just a thought. Not a priority, certainly.

My fave Ghost shortcut is adding /edit to a post URL to edit it. I would love to know if there are other pro Ghost tips I’m missing. :) Is there a shortlist anywhere?

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:grimacing: we try to make it so that anything people might reasonably try to do “Just Works™”.

You can also paste a link onto selected text and it will link the text for you.

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LOVE Ghost, always! And I always sing its praises.

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One of my favourite little features! However, it doesn’t work when trying to paste a link onto selected text in captions to images. Doing so actually deletes the text (which I keep forgetting and so repeatedly do). I’m not sure if that’s intended or a bug or an oversight or what. Been meaning to raise an issue or an Idea topic for some time now but am always busy with writing when I re-encounter it and forget.

If it’s something of concern, is there somewhere you suggest that I should write something up?